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Upshift Brings Predictability To Staffing

Upshift is a W2 staffing platform helping you find and manage high-quality workers for your next event or day-to-day needs.

Post a job, instantly access vetted local staff and choose who comes to work.

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Hire the Best

Our technology and hiring process attracts fully vetted staff for skilled and unskilled roles.

Each worker profile contains ratings from other local businesses – so you can choose the best person every time.

  • Success Rates over 95.6%
  • Less than 2% No-call, No-show rate
  • Only 12 out of every 100 applicants become Upshifters.
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Crystal-clear billing

You choose the pay rate and we add on a flat percentage markup to create your bill rate.

  • No up-front costs
  • No exclusivity
  • No commitments
  • Dedicated Account Manager at no extra cost
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A platform built to make hiring on-demand easy

Post jobs in minutes and easily manage your workers.

You don’t have to worry about HR or liability- all Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift, not you.

Upshift takes care of hiring, vetting, worker attendance and timekeeping.

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Case Study: Takeya USA

“I don’t see us ever going back to traditional staffing firms (…)”

Tony Dorsey, Director of Operations, TAKEYA USA

Takeya USA’s fulfillment center in Columbus, Ohio had a problem.

They were utilizing temp agencies to try to find 15-20 temporary employees per day, with a goal of hiring those who were good culture fits full time.

Unfortunately the agencies kept falling short, even with three agencies Takeya USA was unable to get the help they needed, plus many of those sent by agencies were not reliable or high-quality workers.

Fast-forward to now, and Takeya USA has all of its shifts consistently filled with Upshifters who have a very different outlook on work than traditional temporary workers.

Since starting with Upshift Takeya has taken advantage of our Upshift to Hire program to bring multiple Upshifters onto their payroll and has begun to staff their call center with Upshifters in addition to warehouse staff.

Tired of Temp Agencies?Time for Upshift

Most Upshifters are firmly established in the workforce and are looking to find extra work and great businesses to work with. With our proven processes, you can trust your hires!

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You Can Hire Great Staff in 4 Easy Steps

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1. Post your job

Describe your job details, and post your shift in minutes. You choose the hourly rate and Upshift will notify the best available local workers.

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2. Choose your staff

View profiles, ratings, and past experience and choose your favorite staff.


3. Upshifters arrive

Your chosen candidates confirm their availability giving you the peace of mind.

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4. Relax – we handle the HR

All Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift meaning we handle everything HR – you just get one simple invoice.

Case Study: Aero Fulfillment Services

“Upshift has really been a terrific asset for the business. They’re a terrific provider of high quality people that enable us to flex our staffing”

Greg Greve, COO, Aero Filfillment

Aero Fullfilment Services provides business to consumer and business to business fulfillment for customers nationality through their facilities located in Cincinnati.

“The partnership that we formed with Upshift has really been a terrific asset for the business. Upshift is a terrific provider of high quality people that enable us to flex our staffing to provide us the ability to fulfill our customers demands.

We have a training program in place with Upshift where we provide the opportunity to earn various badges. And those badges represent different types of work that they’re then qualified to do within our operations.

And the good thing about that is that enables us to identify people who are familiar with our process, familiar with our culture and our standards. Have those folks join us to get them up to speed very quickly when we need them.”

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Almost 50% of our business clients find full-time employees with our Upshift-to-Hire program. Find out how we make it easy to bring someone onto your payroll once you have determined that they are a good fit.

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