How to get the highest success rate for your shifts?

One of the key benefits of Upshift is that you have the flexibility to name your terms to attract the talent you are looking for to meet your budget. 

As a business leader, we know that you are busy and may not have time for the trial and error needed to find the right Upshifters on our platform.

To ensure a higher success rate for our partners, we have gathered the following best practices to help set you up for success.

These best practices were developed by aggregating tens of thousands of data points from our partners and synthesizing them into three insights that produce results.

Three key components to ensure the best applicant flow are:

  1. Accepting Upshifters in a timely manner (or using the auto-accept function)
  2. Posting the position in advance. Once Upshifters are confirmed on a shift- they can’t see any other shifts available that day. This means that when you post on late notice- the pool of available Upshifters is much smaller. 
  3. Paying a competitive, market hourly rate. 

Understanding the nuances in each step can be the difference between getting the people you need or being short-staffed. 

1. NEW: The Auto-Accept Function – save time by accepting Upshifters automatically

Auto-accept is a function that accepts Upshifters on your behalf based on the criteria that you have set. Our partners are running thriving businesses, and in many cases, don’t have the time needed to actively watch their applicant feed to accept their ideal candidate before another business does. Auto-accept will do the work for you by accepting an Upshifter and advancing to the confirmation stage of the process. This feature ensures that the business is able to meet its staffing needs while providing nearly instantaneous results to the Upshifters that are interested in working with you.

Businesses that use auto-accept in 2021 are over 25% more likely to fill their position than businesses that accept their Upshifters manually.


“Enrolling in Auto-Accept, posting your position as far out as possible, and staying at or above the market rate gives you the best chance to find the right talent in your market.”

2. How far in advance should I post my shifts?

Posting in advance can greatly impact your chances of finding Upshifters to meet your needs. We realize that looking for on-demand staffing is sometimes a function of last-minute necessity, and that is unavoidable. However, if you are able to post your position as far out as possible (e.g. 1-2 weeks) of when you need it, then your odds of having a strong applicant pool significantly increase. 

3. How to set up Pay Rates to fill your shifts?

Finding the right rate to post your position at can be challenging. There is a delicate balance between your budget and what talent in your market is looking for. We recently added a feature to our platform that lets you see if the position you are posting is below the market rate and by what percent. Partners that post at or above the market rate are significantly more likely to find the talent they are looking for. You can see one example below from Q2 2021 on the impact that pay rate had on fill rates for housekeeping shifts. 

Housekeeper Acceptance in 2021


“Enrolling in Auto-Accept, posting your shifts in advance and staying at or above the market pay rate gives you the best chance to find the best talent in your market.”

The flexibility and transparency of Upshift are benefits that our partners value and are two key components that differentiate us in the market. These best practices are here to help guide your decision-making and provide you with tools to help you reach your goals. Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions.