Meet Our People

Learn why you can depend on Upshift.

Meet Our People

Hiring temporary staff doesn’t need to be unpredictable.

At Upshift, we believe you should be able to hire hourly workers with peace of mind.

We offer prevetted high-quality workforce, an unprecedented over 95.6% job success rate with a less than 2% no-call, no-show rate.

Our workers’ job success rate is double the industry average. What’s our secret?

1. We use new channels to find talent

Thanks to technology, we can tap into a latent pool of labor entirely unavailable to temporary staffing agencies.

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2. Applicants go through a strict vetting process

Each applicant undergoes our two-part vetting process that consists of an online personality assesment and a face-to-face interview – only 12% of candidates become Upshifters.

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3. Upshifters are held to a higher standard

Thanks to our 3-strike disciplinary policy and a review system, our workers feel accountable to perform at their best. With our worker show rates of over 95.6%, you can hire for your shifts with peace of mind.

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4. Our Upshifters are motivated to perform at their best

One reason for our high success rates is due to Upshifters applying to and confirming their own shifts.

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Meet Some Of Our Upshiftes

Upshifter of the Week: Stephen H.

"I recommend picking up a variety of shifts at different locations so that you can figure out what you're interested in doing and where you like working."

Upshifter of the Week: Julianne B.

"I signed up thinking this would be a short-term thing, but I've been working shifts for 2 years now because of how much I've enjoyed it."

Upshifter of the Week: Olimpia C.

"Upshift seemed like a good fit for my situation as it allowed me to explore different types of shifts before committing to anything full time."

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Looking for a full-time hire?

Almost 50% of our business clients find full-time employees with our Upshift-to-Hire program. Find out how we make it easy to bring someone onto your payroll once you have determined that they are a good fit.

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