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4. Motivation

Our Workers Are Motivated to Perform at Their Best

One reason for our high success rates is due to Upshifters applying to and confirming their own shifts.

We never assign shifts to our workers like in traditional staffing agencies—instead, they are choosing exactly when and where they want to work based on their own schedules, experience, and interests.

Meet Our People
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You have the ability to review Upshifters after every shift they work. This encourages them to continue performing at their best, as they know their rating is a major factor in getting accepted for shifts.

This way you can be sure that workers who show up really want to work in your business and will get along well with the team.

New sourcing channels, strict vetting, accountability and Upshifters’ motivation –
that’s how Upshift redefined the staffing industry

With industry-leading success rate of 95,6% you can hire hourly workers with peace of mind and full predictability.

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