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3. Accountability

Our Upshifters Are Held to a Higher Standard

The traditional staffing model doesn’t work for accountability because recruiters never want to fire someone and lose future commissions.

Our goal is to hire the best people and keep them great by holding them to high standards.

How Does It Work?

Thanks to our 3-strike disciplinary policy and a review system, our workers feel accountable to perform at their best.
Upshifters receive 1 strike for canceling shifts, tardiness, and other minor offenses.

A serious offense such as a No-Call, No-Show results in 3 strikes.
Receiving 3 strikes results in a lifetime ban from Upshift.

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Upshifters feel accountable – they make sure to treat our rules very sacredly, as they do not want to lose access to the platform through a permanent suspension.

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