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2. Vetting

Applicants Go Through a Strict Vetting Process

Unlike temp staffing agencies, Upshift doesn’t hire just anyone who is willing to work. We use a more selective hiring process to ensure high-quality and reliable workers.

Each applicant undergoes our two-part vetting process that consists of an online personality assessment and a face-to-face interview – only 12% of candidates are ultimately accepted as Upshifters.

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Part 1: Personality Test - 65% Pass This Stage

Any prospective Upshifter must pass a comprehensive personality assessment in order to be accepted. This assessment tests for work ethic, reliability, responsibility, ability to work with others, and morality.

Part 2: In-Person Interview & Orientation - 12% Pass This Stage

Everyone who passes the personality assessment is invited to an onboarding session at one of our offices. We have at least one office in every city we operate in.

Our higher quality workers and  proven success rates will lead to less downtime, higher productivity, and better forecasting for your future staffing needs—resulting in an overall reduction in labor costs.

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