How Our Pricing Works

Full Pricing Transparency

You set the pay rate and hire motivated, high-quality workers. Because Upshift leverages technology, your business can save up to 50% on traditional agency fees when hiring Upshifters.

  • No Set-Up Cost or Minimums

    With Upshift, you never pay a set-up cost, monthly, or ongoing costs, or have any minimum spend limits. You only pay when an Upshifter works for you through Upshift, or you hire them on directly.

  • You Choose the Pay, We Add a Flat Percentage Markup

    You choose the Upshifters’ hourly rate, and a flat percentage markup is charged on top of the pay you choose. Markup percentage can vary based on a few factors including: worker’s compensation, state, and screening requirements among other factors. There is also an ACA surcharge fee in place due to the Affordable Care Act.

  • Attractive Temp-to-Perm Conversion Fees

    If you want to hire an Upshifter full-time, you only pay 50% of the remaining markup to convert an Upshifter on to your payroll. The conversion is free after 480 hours worked.

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