Event Source Case Study 

How an event equipment rental company is keeping up with fluctuating seasonal demandby partnering with Upshift.

About the Company

Event Source is a rental company that allows its clients to rent any equipment needed to run an event, including linens, dinnerware, culinary equipment, select furniture, whole room layouts and more.
The business operates in multiple states and cities, including Columbus and Cleveland in Ohio.

You can visit their website here: https://www.eventsource.com/

The Challenge

Event Source has a client demand that fluctuates greatly during different seasons, due to many of the events they cater being cyclical and season dependent. Flexible client demand requires flexible workforce.

Keeping up with the demand during the busiest times requires Event Source’s staff to be ready to assemble and disassemble very quickly, which sometimes proves to be a challenge.

See how Upshift helps Event Source operate during the busiest seasons.


How Upshift Met the Challenge

Event Source’s staffing needs include quickly assembling an on-demand, professional workforce and recruiting quality workers to fill full-time positions.

Upshift provides such services with quality workers who can apply and access the positions required to be filled with just a few clicks, and businesses have the ability to convert temporary workers to full-time hires with Upshift-to-Hire program.

During peak-demand seasons Upshifters fill up to 30% of Event Source’s warehouse workers, allowing Event Source to operate at their full capacity and ensure smooth operations.

“We’ll take them any day they want to work…”

“We’ve transitioned some of Upshifters into full time employees. Some people we wanted to transition but they loved the freedom of Upshift too much – we’d still take them any day they want to work.”

Matthew Moxley

Matthew Moxley

- Director of Operations, Event Source

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