Elevating Service Excellence: How Cameron Mitchell Achieved Catering Staffing Success

Cameron Mitchell Premier Events

4.99 rating of Upshifters
95% fill rate
5440 hours worked

The Challenge

Cameron Mitchell Premier Events (CMPE) is a renowned catering company that prides itself on delivering exceptional service and genuine hospitality.

❌ Service standards need to uphold the company's high standards and reputation
❌ Acquiring and retaining high quality workers is a challenge with labor shortages
❌ New part-time staff need to seamlessly integrate with a high-performance culture

So how did a premier catering and event planning business meet service demands without sacrificing on quality?

We've interviewed CMPE’s HR Staffing Coordinator, Mack John, to tell us how.

The Solution

When CMPE turned to Upshift to build their team of 5-star part-time workers, they were looking for people to work alongside their own.

“Once whoever's working for us puts on that CMPE uniform, it doesn't matter if they're working for a third party staffing agency. They are now a part of CMPE for that event and any other times they come and work with us, and for us.”

Mack John, CMPE

They stood out by treating everyone like equals and part of the family, something at the heart of CMPE´s culture of hospitality. This also meant that every part-time hire was crucial for the team´s performance. That’s where Upshift's platform helped, allowing CMPE to source and acquire only the best candidates.

“When we have events posted and shifts posted, we can see who's on there, who's going to be showing up. We're able to see how they've been rated one to five stars. You're able to see all their experiences and all the different positions they've worked, whether that's a banquet server or dishwasher or bartender.”

The Results

“There are some absolutely amazing people on the Upshift platform. Overall quality, I'd say it's pretty great. We see a lot of repeat people who have worked with us before. They know our culture, they know our philosophies, and they know how we run events from start to finish.”

With Upshift, CMPE has filled gaps and increased overall quality in their part-time workforce. They often welcome repeat workers who are familiar with their ways of working, ensuring that event coordinators and planners are in good hands.

What's it like working with Upshift?

“The website is super easy to navigate, super thorough, and basically every time we post, it would get filled probably by the end of the day.”

Mack John, CMPE

In addition to technology, CMPE appreciated the human side of Upshift, with regular communication and support from their account manager.

“With Michael (Upshift Account Manager), we do chat every other week, whether that's about time sheets or whatever it might be. He's just a lot better at communicating, asking questions, asking us how things have been going, etc. and starting those conversations.”


“We've tried them all out and it's been my experience that Upshift has been our favorite platform to use, to find staffing when necessary.”

Mack John, CMPE

Upshift has proven to be a true partner for CMPE and his team by providing a reliable and high-quality part-time workforce that integrates seamlessly with their team. The platform's ease of use, transparency, and dedicated account management have made Upshift the preferred staffing solution for CMPE.

Learn More About Upshift

Need staff for your event? Click below to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team or learn more about Upshift.

Learn More About Upshift

Need staff for your event? Click below to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team or learn more about Upshift.

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