“When you work with hot objects, sharp objects, and food, you want to make sure that you trust the team that's with you. Where people's safety is involved, that's a big deal in the culinary industry.”

Patricia Williams, Chef Manager @ OCLC Sodexo

Sodexo @ The Conference Center at OCLC

4.99 rating of Upshifters
85% return rate
3614 hours worked

The Challenge

In the high-pressure environment of a professional kitchen, Patricia found that traditional staffing providers were not up to the task:

❌ Slow turnaround time between posting shifts and filling roles
❌ No background screening or information on qualifications or reliability
❌ Losing temps due to poor communication and mismanaged expectations

The Partnership

Recognizing these challenges, Patricia turned to Upshift. Together with Patricia’s expertise, Upshift offered a solution that met the unique needs of her kitchen:

  • Faster turnaround time for finding new workers
  • Workers who can be trusted and keep coming back
  • Hiring control and worker pre-approval through the app
  • Easy and instant communication with candidates
“The amount of control that I have with Upshift is great. I can't compare it to any other, I've used other staffing agencies, and I feel like the turnaround time is definitely much better.”

The Results

“The quality of temps that you guys provide is much better than some other places, because you guys do require a background check if we ask for it, and you can screen them a lot better.”

The partnership yielded immediate and impactful results. With our in-person candidate vetting and screening Patricia found that she no longer needed to use other temp services, as Upshift provided a hassle-free and efficient solution. She made excellent use of the ‘favorite Upshifters’ feature, giving her best workers first access to new job postings:

“I like the feature that you guys have, your 'favorite Upshifters', where they're the only ones that can accept first. The people who can accept it are people who have worked there before. I just like to decide who I feel will have the highest chances of being successful.”


“I haven't needed to use another temp service and the hassle of going through another temp service when I can just go through Upshift and it's in the app. Everything kind of does it by itself. I don't want to use anybody else because it's such an easy process with the app.”

Through their partnership with Upshift, Patricia and Sodexo have built a team of returning, 5-star workers they can trust in their kitchens to do great work, shift after shift.

Learn More About Upshift

Need staff for your event? Click below to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team or learn more about Upshift.

Learn More About Upshift

Need staff for your event? Click below to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team or learn more about Upshift.

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