Hiring Control and
Transparency through
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Simplifying Staffing: How Our Platform is Helping Hiring Managers Fill Shifts with Less Effort and More Control

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The old-school staffing model has left many gaps, manually posting job reqs, trying to get ahold of a recruiter, paper timesheets…

Finding hourly workers shouldn’t be challenging or unpredictable.

That’s why a staffing revolution is happening. Hiring managers are already using new tech-enabled staffing solutions to take back control, save time and fill shifts with less effort.

Here’s how our easy-to-use platform is helping them do it and how it can help you too.

Use the platform as much or as little as you want

Depending on how autonomous you want to be, you can use the platform yourself (with however much of training you need) or have your assigned rep post and manage shifts for you!

  • You decide how much help you need
  • Get quick support from your rep anytime

1. Post shifts in minutes
and easily build a full schedule

You know what’s best when it comes to what you need, so why shouldn’t YOU be in control?

Post, edit or cancel shifts instantly
Copy shifts easily to create a full schedule

“I love the fact that we're able to create our own shifts on the platform, set the time and the rate. It's nice to be able to manage the process, versus just calling in or telling somebody.”

— Chris Miller, Director of Operations, Parkhurst Dining at John Carroll University.

2. Choose your pay rate - you decide how much people should be paid

You know what rates work for your business.

Adjust your pay rate depending on your needs
We are always 100% transparent about how much Upshifters are going to get paid

“This week, for example.I had three shifts that I was struggling to find people for, so I just jack the rate of pay up for those three shifts and lo and behold, they were filled almost immediately.”

— Karol Osinski, Executive Chef, F&B Director, Hyatt Regency.

3. See who applies —
hiring visibility

Check candidates’ profiles including their bio, experience and rating from other businesses

“I love the fact that we can put out shifts and pick who we want out of the pending applicants to approve.”

— Amber Morgan, Catering Admin, Wolfgang Puck Catering.

4. Get peace of mind by knowing who’s coming

No more revolving doors of “temps” in your building

See who’s coming for your shifts
Stay in the know by seeing a real-time status of your shifts

“I know who I'm getting. I can plan around the strengths of those people that I have developed those relationships with when I'm building my schedule.”

— Karol Osinski, Executive Chef, F&B Director, Hyatt Regency.

5. Favorite or block people and build your “flexible team”

Finally, a staffing solution that improves with time.

Favorite the best people
Block those who are not a great fit
Build a team of engaged returning workers that you can count on (read more)

“When we’re running short, being able to post something and have Upshifters that have favorited us be able to come in and help us out has been huge.”

— Jason Ritter, Director of Dining, Chartwells (Compass Group) at UNC Charlotte.

6. Save time and hassle by having easy access to timesheets and invoices

We understand that everything that cuts time matters when you’re a busy manager.

“I love the visibility and being able to get in the back office and pull invoices and timesheets and sort of see where we are weak today.”

— Heather Tiedeman, Catering Manager, FLIK (Compass Group).

7. Mobile app — manage your shifts and workers on the go

We understand that being a manager requires being on the move constantly.

View who's coming to work, manage your shifts, review and favorite Upshifters —
all from your phone

“The app helps us be aware of any issues without the need to run back and forth to the computer to confirm who is working and address any issues.”

— Michael Kelleher, Floor Manager, Takeya USA.

8. Real human, responsive support - 24/7

No bots, contact your rep who knows your account
Get help quickly, even on the weekends

“Regardless of the time of day, Upshift is on top of everything. All matters are always taken care of properly.”

— Candace B., Human Resource Supervisor, verified G2 review.

All in an intuitive

Created with ease-of-use in mind for managers who operate in the “face-to-face” world

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