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Easily build a flexible team of top-performing engaged workers that know your business in around 30 days.

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Don’t want to train new people every week? Tired of an on-call list you can never reach when you need workers?

The old-school staffing model has left many gaps - high turnover, a revolving door of temps and no way to choose who’s coming back.

However, all of the above can be solved with the “flexible returning team” model.

With Upshift, you can easily build a flexible team
of top-performing, engaged workers
that know your business in around 30 days

How does it work?

1. Post shifts, attract the best applicants

When you post your positions, Upshifters start applying. You’ll see all the pending candidates and their profiles - including their bio, experience and rating from other businesses.

Pick the ones who seem to be the best fit and who have relevant experience.

Please note that at the beginning, the Upshifters who show up have never worked at your business before, so they will need training.

2. You can favorite the best workers, and they will be more likely to return

Upshift makes it easy to keep a list of your best people who have priority for your future postings.

3. You can also block the low-performers from your future shifts

When it comes to people, it’s never perfect 100% of the time. However, you’re always in control of who’s accepted for your shifts. If a specific worker hasn’t panned out, it takes one click to make sure they cannot apply to your future positions.

4. Build consistency and form a team you can count on!

After a few weeks, your businesses will form a group of “regular” engaged workers who are trained and love coming back!


A flexible team with a 91% return rate* in 30 days

Return rates with Upshift

High return rates of workers lead to less training, improved productivity and the building of a private pool of workers who return.

Attrition rates with traditional staffing

An attrition rate, commonly referred to as a churn rate, is a metric used to measure workers lost over a period of time who are not replaced.

Some of the Success Stories

“I use the same people over and over [from Upshift], they kind of blend in with my staff.”

— Jason Ritter, Director of Catering at Chartwells (Compass Group) at UNC Charlotte.

Consistent 80%+ return rate from week 3

How a university food service has formed a group of “regular” Upshifters that feels like their own to supplement students' staff

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90.4% return rate in week 5

How a manufacturing operation keeps 5-10 flexible workers in their warehouse everyday

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“I think your rating system is what sets you guys apart. We feel like we are getting the best of the best.”

— Shelly Kohls, Employee Relations Manager at Tente.

“It’s great to have somebody that we can rely on and that knows the job and knows the building.“

— Karol Osinski, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Cincinnati .

Average Return Rate of 82%

Building a team of 5-star “core contract workers” for the culinary department at a large hotel

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