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For Foodservice and Hospitality Businesses

Upshift Brings Predictability to Staffing

Upshift is a W2 staffing platform helping you find and manage high-quality workers for your next event or day-to-day needs.

Post a job, instantly access vetted local staff and choose who comes to work.

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See What Upshift Can Do for Your Business:

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Hire the Best

Our technology and hiring process attracts fully vetted, trained, and experienced front and back of house staff.

Each worker profile contains ratings from other local businesses – so you can choose the best person every time.

  • Success Rates over 95.6%
  • Less than 2% No-call, No-show rate
  • Only 12 out of every 100 applicants become Upshifters.
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Crystal-clear billing

You choose the pay rate and we add on a flat percentage markup to create your bill rate.

  • No up-front costs
  • No exclusivity
  • No commitments
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A platform built to make hiring on-demand easy

Post jobs in minutes and easily manage your workers.

You don’t have to worry about HR or liability- all Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift, not you.

Upshift takes care of hiring, vetting, worker attendance and timekeeping.

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Case Study: COSI – Center of Science and Industry

“We worked with a couple of agencies in the past, but
Upshift helped become more consistent and reliable for us”

Savannah Ranz, Event Sales Manager, COSI

In 2017, management at COSI was utilizing temp agencies when they had large events. They were consistently unable to get as many people as they needed, plus many of those sent by agencies were not reliable or high-quality workers.

Fast-forward to now, and COSI has all of its shifts consistently filled with Upshifters who have service industry experience and a better outlook on work than traditional temporary workers.

What started as a one-off relationship has now blossomed into a national one, with Upshifters helping COSI in all cities where Upshift is available.

Read the full case study

Tired of Temp Agencies?Time for Upshift

Most Upshifters are firmly established in the workforce and are looking to find extra work and great businesses to work with. With our proven processes, you can trust your hires!

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You Can Hire Great Staff in 4 Easy Steps

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1. Post your job

Describe your job details, and post your shift in minutes. You choose the hourly rate and Upshift will notify the best available local workers.

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2. Choose your staff

View profiles, ratings, and past experience and choose your favorite staff.


3. Upshifters arrive

Your chosen candidates confirm their availability giving you the peace of mind.

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4. Relax – we handle the HR

All Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift meaning we handle everything HR – you just get one simple invoice.

Case Study: Miami Valley, Ohio

Miami Valley Gaming is one of the busiest gaming centers in the
Midwest and hence is continuously in need of additional staff.


” Staffing for food and beverage positions is an on-going challenge for us. We tried using traditional temporary agencies to help fill in gaps. The problem with these agencies is that they are experiencing the same labor shortage that we are. If they were even able to find temp workers to send us, the chance of them actually showing up was unlikely.

We have experienced better results with Upshift. The worker actually gets to select employers and the shifts that they want; then the employer gets to pick the Upshifter that best fits the need – increasing your odds of a successful outcome drastically!“

Christina Thiemann, HR Manager

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Almost 50% of our business clients find full-time employees with our Upshift-to-Hire program. Find out how we make it easy to bring someone onto your payroll once you have determined that they are a good fit.

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